Payment details

1. Card information management

You can check your registered card information and change your card information.

  1. Click on the account icon at the top of the browser.

  2. Click on 'Settings'.

  3. You can check 'Payment details' under the "billing" tab.

Modifying card information

After clicking the "Update payment" button on the Payment details page, you can modify your card information.

2. Payment failed

Every now and then a subscription payment may fail. If a payment fails, Deepform will attempt to process the payment again for one week. During this period, the subscription will be suspended and you will not be able to use the service. If payment continues to fail after one week, the subscription will be canceled.

Before cancelling the subscription, Deepform goes through the following steps:

1) Paused status

If there are payment issues, Deepform will attempt to process the payment for one week. If the payment continues to fail during that time, it will remain in a paused state for one week.

  • Solution

    • Please go to Settings > Billing > Payment details.

    • Click on the "Update payment" button.

    • After verifying payment information, update payment information.

    • After updating your card information, the subscription may not be reactivated immediately. Once the information is updated, please retry the payment and once the payment is successfully completed, you will be able to use your subscription normally.

2) Cancelled state

If the payment is not successfully processed for one week, Deepform will cancel the subscription.

  • Solution

    • Please go to Settings > Billing > Subscriptions.

    • Click on the subscription name (Deepform feasibility basic).

    • Click on "Restart subscription" at the bottom of the Subscription details page.

    • Please check the payment information or re-register the payment information, and then click on the "subscribe" button.

    • Please click "View subscription detail" to check your subscription details.

Tip: The most common causes for failed payments are insufficient funds in an account or an expired credit card.

3. Refund policy

Once a subscription has started and payment has been approved, refunds are not possible. Even if you stop your subscription, you can continue to use the service until the end of the paid subscription period, and the service will be stopped on the next billing date.

4. Currency and taxes

Supported billing currencies

  • U.S. dollars (USD)

Sales tax

Deepform calculates tax based on your billing address.

We only apply sales tax in select states in the United States. You won’t see any sales tax on your invoices if your address is outside these locations.

Note: Prices shown on the Deepform website do not include sales tax. Tax will be calculated according to your billing address when you checkout.

United States

We include sales tax in the following states. If your state is not listed, you won’t see any sales tax on your invoices.

  • Arizona, AZ

  • Colorado, CO*

  • Connecticut, CT

  • Illinois, IL**

  • Iowa, IA

  • Hawaii, HI

  • Kentucky, KY

  • Massachusetts, MA

  • New Mexico, NM

  • New York, NY

  • Ohio, OH

  • Pennsylvania, PA

  • Rhode Island, RI

  • South Carolina, SC

  • South Dakota, SD

  • Tennessee, TN

  • Texas, TX

  • Utah, UT

  • Washington, DC

  • Washington, WA

  • West Virginia, WV

* Only some local jurisdictions apply ** Chicago only

Rest of the world

Deepform is not currently registered to apply sales tax in locations outside of the United States.

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