Rhino Geometry Error

This error means that the object with the specified Id in your Rhino model is unable to be processed in its current state. Of the few reasons why this can happen, the most common case is where the domain of the edges making up the polysurface is extremely disproportionate to their lengths.

A common way to correct this is to select the object with the specified Id and rebuild it.

  • First use the SelID command with the provided id to select the object.

  • Use the DupFaceBorder command and select the face that represents the floor of your object.

  • Use the SimplifyCrv command and Reparameterize command with the Automatic option.

  • use ExtrudeCrv command or anything else you need to rebuild your massing geometry. Make sure you use ConvertExtrusion if you end up with an extrusion, to ensure you have a polysurface at the end.

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