Creating Special Object Types

Spaces types listed below in the 3D model is represented by following Special Object Type guideline. Click on each special object type to see details.

Large Open Space with More Than One Level

From an analysis perspective it is generally difficult to deal with masses that span multiple levels. Therefore we recommend the approach of modeling a singular mass per level.

Often when modeling a large open space we result in a single complex polysurface as this:

We instead recommend that you model it so that it is a single space per level as such:

Space with Sloped Floor (Ramps)

For any downward facing face to be considered as a floor must have an incline of less than 1/6, as that is the maximum allowed slope in many countries. Any surface steeper than that will not be considered a floor.

Stairwells and other Vertical Circulations

We Recommend you model masses for stairwells and other vertical circulations such as elevator shafts just like any other masses: By their area boundaries as blocks.

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