Creating Objects

Deepform for Rhino works best with mass models that are extruded from plans.

Each object's geometry in your model should represent a mass with the following properties:


The floor is bottom surface of your object. All objects in your model must have a floor.

  • The floor must be a flat, planar surface. They cannot have curvature or be warped.

  • The boundary curves of the floor can consist of straight lines, arcs, or nurbs curves.

  • The floor of your object may also be sloped like ramps.

  • Your floor may also have openings in them, such as open spaces.


The roof is the top, upwards facing surfaces of your object.

  • The roof should be made of flat, planar surfaces.

  • The boundary curves of the roof can consist of straight lines, arcs, or nurbs curves.

  • The roof may have a single surface, or many sloped surfaces.


Levels are inferred by analyzing the elevation of your objects, allowing us to automatically assign your objects to its correct level.

  • The object's lowest point, usually the floor, is the basis for its level.

  • Objects that belong to the same level must have their floor at the same elevation.

  • Your objects may vary in height, with some spanning multiple levels, such as auditoriums. As long as all objects have their floors aligned, they will be assigned to the correct levels.

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