Floor Area Exploration

Analyze floor area of your building design by levels, programs and customized groups. You can explore further by turning on and off certain layers in 'Building design data' to explore GFA, NFA, Usable Area etc. regarding your building design.


The initial setup of the building layer is set to the same values as those configured in Rhino. The name of the layer can be changed in the Building design data.


Building groups can be set up in the Building design data. If you select "View Area by Groups," buildings with the same name will be grouped together and rearranged accordingly.

Floor levels

If you select "View Area by Floor Levels," the arrangement will be rearranged according to the floor levels.

Turn layers On/Off

In the Building design data, you can turn Program on/off. When you turn Program on/off, the values generated in Exploration will be changed according to the modified content. Similarly, you can see that the values of the Test-fit site limits item also change.

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